Benja, also called Pa-heq-amen, was a Boarder in the Royal Nursery and an Overseer of Work and Craftsmen of the Pharaoh, and Chief Treasurer, during the reign of Thutmes III. His tomb is situated in Shaykh 'Abd al-Qurna. In the tomb, we can find Benja, receiving offerings, watching daily works and activities of arts and crafts, a false door painted to look like red granite is inscribed with a prayer asking that offerings be made to Benja. In the first chamber, Benia's mother Tirukak and father Iretnena receive offerings. musicians play flute, harp or lute, and clap hands. In the second chamber, Benia receives offerings while a priest attends him; the Goddess of the West faces Benia's funeral; a painting of Benia's mummy is dragged on a sled by four men toward his tomb; Women in white dresses stand at each end of the shrine; The pilgrimage travel to Abydos; The Opening of the Mouth ritual; priests holding mummification and funeral materials.