Ankh-hor was one of the wealthy chief administrators and high officials in the estates of the Gods Wives of Amun. He held the tiltles: ‘Steward of the Divine Votress Nitocris’, ‘Great Mayor of Memphis’, ‘Overseer of Upper Egypt in Thebes’ and ‘Overseer of the Priests of Amun’ in the Late Pharaonic Period during the reigns of King Psamtek II and Apries (Wahibre) of Dynasty XXVI. He had his large tomb built late in the Third Intermediate Period in El Assasif Necropolis, on the Western Bank of the Nile at Thebes. The tomb comprises: a huge mud-brick pylon; a courtyard; a staircase leading to a small undecorated cult room with a false door and a statue niche; an unplastered burial chamber; a deep burial shaft; a pillared-hall; and some basement chambers with decorations unfinished. Also enclosed within the tomb is a number side-chambers (with one containing remains of a mummy) and a pillared sun court which contains an offering table. This court is decorated with partly-damaged fine, shallow, and extensive relief. There is a cartouche with the name of King Psamtek II ornamenting walls of one of the tomb's corridors.