Tomb TT359 is located in Deir el-Medina. Inherkhau was a foreman of the Lord of the Two Lands in the Place of Truth, in the royal necropolis, during the reigns of Ramses IV and Ramses VII. It was a family burial site, and lnherkhau was buried here with other members of his family, shown on the now-destroyed entrance jambs. One of the interesting feature of the tomb is that we can find in it information about the two artisans who decorated the tomb. They were brothers, Nebnder, Hormin, sons of Chief Draftsman, Hori, who was a distinguished man in Dier al-Madina. Both brothers signed some of the scenes painted by them. Some of the scenes we can watch in the tomb are: Scenes from the Book of Gates Scenes of daily life lnherkhau and his wife worshiping gods Inherkhau and his wife play a board game called 'senet'. The ceiling with its spiral designs and bulls' heads lnherkhau worshiping the benu-bird. The cat of Heliopolis slaying the snake Apophis.