Hesire was a high official during the reign of Netjerikhet (Dosjer) of the Third Dynasty. He held the titles of: 'The Great one of Buto', 'Chief Dentist', 'Priest of Horus' and 'Royal Scribe'. He also held important positions, such as 'Chief of the Royal Scribes', the 'Greatest of the Tens of Upper Egypt', and 'Chief Dentist'. Dating back to the Third Dynasty, the large Mastaba (Tomb) of Hesire is located in the northern section of the Necropolis of Saqqara. Interestingly, although the tomb's false doors were almost always completely fixed, they could have been furnished with movable wooden panels. The tomb has 11 false doors and niches that contain one of the deceased's iconography from which come 11 engraved wooden panels (now on display in the Egyptian Museum) that show reliefs and Hieroglyphic inscriptions. These panels show Hesire in different positions and at various ages. The artist showed great excellence in portraying the exact facial features of the deceased at different stages of his life as well as the detailed modeling of his body.