The Pyramid of Sekhemkhet is located in the section of Unas Pyramid, in the Necropolis of Saqqara. Though unfinished, the Complex of Sekhemkhet is similar to that of King Zoser in most of its parts and in its plan.
Inside the subterranean corridors and galleries were discovered a big number of vessels, some of which bear the name of the King Sekhemkhet.In addition, there were discovered a wooden box that contains a collection of gold jewelry, a number of papyri in Demotic, as well as some monuments and burials from the end of the Egyptian time and the Ptolemaic Period.
Inside the burial chamber was found an alabaster sarcophagus that was securely sealed. At opening the sarcophagus, archeologists realized that it was empty and there is no proof that it was actually used for burial.