The Mastaba of Ankhmahor is situated in the section of the Pyramid of Unas, in the Necropolis of Saqqara. Ankhmahor held the titles of a Vizier, 'First under the King', and 'Overseer of the Great House' during the reign of King Teti. The tomb is known as 'the Physician's Tomb' as it contains scenes of medical practices. The multiple scenes in the tomb depict craftsmen at work, jewelry-making, metal-working, sculpting, funerary rites, and women dancing.
The most famous pictures from Ankhmahor's tomb are in the doorway to the Pillared Hall. These are the medical scenes that show representations of surgical operations, including the circumcision of a priest which is comparable to a similar relief in the Temple of Mut at Karnak in Luxor, from a much later date. Another relief shows a foot operation being performed —sited by many reflexologists as proof of ancient alternative therapies practiced on both the hands and feet.