The Mastaba of the Two Brothers is located in the section of the Pyramid of Unas, in the Necropolis of Saqqara. The 'Two Brothers' are Niankhkhnum and Khnemhotep who lived during the Fifth Dynasty, occupying the position of the 'Priests of Ra' in the Sun-Temple of King Neuserre (Nyuserra) and 'Chiefs of the Archives' in the Royal Palace.
It had been buried under the 700-meter Causeway of the Pyramid of Unas (Unis or Wenis). This twin-tomb is one of the biggest and most beautiful of Saqqara, with surviving scenes of daily-life activities, offerings, and agricultural scenes among others. Throughout, the decoration is shared by the two deceased. The sides and top of all the decorated walls were edged with a colored ladder design and at the very top a geometric design (that still exists in places).