Queens Nebet (Nebit) and Khenut were wifes of King Unas (Unis). The Double Mastaba of Nebet and Khenut is located in the section of the Pyramid of their husband, in the Necropolis of Saqqara. It originally covered an area of 161ft/49m by 72ft/22m and stood 13ft/4m high. The two parts of the double mastaba are equal with the same ground plan and layout. While the part of Nebet is well-preserved, fascinating and worth close inspection, that of Khenut is much ruined. It comprises three rooms with the second as the most interesting. A gallery can be reached through a doorway from the second room. What is most fascinating in this gallery are the walls which are beautifully decorated.
The entrance, on the southeast side, leads into an antechamber of some size. Walls of this antechamber are decorated with some reliefs of Queen Nebet sailing in a boat through the marshes, as well as scenes of funerary equipments, offerings, livestock, and the harem. Nebet is also shown with servants bringing in food and sledges laden with large jars; one of the women of the harem is a dwarf. In another scene, the Queen is shown seated in front of votive offerings. A marvelous scene presents the Queen with her daughters receiving votive offerings, particularly livestock. A corridor leads into a chapel with four niches for statues of the Queen. Opposite these, on the east wall, are reliefs depicting votive offerings. There are depictions of four large unguent vessels on the tomb's walls.