Mehu was ‘Chief Justice and Vizier’ during the early part of Dynasty VI, probably during the reigns of Teti and Pepy I, and was married to three wives. One of his wives, Iku, is named as ‘King’s daughter of His Body’ and the others were Nebt and Nefertkawes. The Mastaba of Mehu lies in the section of the Pyramid of Unas, east of the mastaba of Princess Idut, in the Necropolis of Saqqara.
The tomb of Vizier Mehu, who lived at the beginning of the Sixth Dynasty (during the reigns of Teti and Pepy I), is one of the most important tombs at Saqqara. It was discovered by Zaki Saad and excavated by Salam Hussein in 1940. The mastaba comprises four decorated chambers with a large courtyard. The axis of the tomb is east to west, with its entrance at the eastern end depicting Mehu on either side of the doorway. It has very well-preserved reliefs that are vividly colored. Here, the scenes in this mastaba depict the deceased with his family. There are also depictions showing scenes of hunting, fishing, species of birds, kitchens, bakery, agricultural activities, goldsmiths, funerary equipments, offerings, and funerary procession in the Nile.