Pan-Hesy was one of the prominent political figures during the New Kingdom and held the position of the Chief Servitor of the Aten. The Tomb of Pan-Hesy or Panhesy is distinguished by its finely decorated façade that still keeps a good portion of relieves and colors due to the unique location of the necropolis about 500km along the cliff. Although it once served as a Coptic church, his tomb is one of the best preserved in the area, as it Some of the tomb's interesting scenes depict: -The Royal Family worshipping Aten accompanied with dwarves -Pan-Hesy receiving a collar from Akhenaton as a present -The Royal Procession in chariots with their guards -Coptic paintings covering part of the inner hall -spiral stairs leading to the Sarcophgus chamber where a marvelous collection of canopic jars dating to the medieval period can be found. -Pan-Hesy receiving offerings