Ay was a high official in the court of Akhenaton. Succeeding Tutankhamun on the throne, he was a member of the royal family and thus, buried in his royal tomb in the Valley of the Kings. The Tomb of Ay carries the number of 25 and he has another tomb in the valley of the kings carries th number 23. This incomplete tomb was discovered in 1883 and is highly admired for its size and its finelly carved decorations. The construction of the tomb began while Ay was only a vizier in Akhenaton Era, that's why the posts he acquired are mentioned on the walls including: The fanbearer of the king's right hand, the Royal Scribe, and the friend of the king. The tomb of Ay was enclosing a large number of canopic jars and other items that were usually placed with the deceased to help him in the hereafter. Interestigly, his tomb is ornamented with multiple fascinating scenes depicting: - Ay with his wife, Tiye, worshipping Aten. - Partially damaged texts of the Hymns to Aten. - Ay receiving presents from Akhenaten - The royal family in a celebration. - The King's house.