Hoya was one of the prominent officials in the middle kingdom who acquired numerous positions including the "Steward of Queen Tiye, Akhenatens mother, Overseer of the Royal Harem' and Overseer of the Treasuries. The Tomb of Hoya is the first tomb in the northern cemetery in Tel El Amarna. The plan of his tomb has an outer hall containing one remaining column, statue shrine, and an inner hall. Of special interest in the tomb of Hoya is the small shrine with marvelous paintings for offering scenes and the unfinished statue of Hoya, and the plain inner hall that encloses a 10-meter-deep shaft. Although the tomb suffered a big deal of damaged throughout history, there are numerous worth admiration scenes depicting: -Hoya worshipping Aten and texts of the Hymns to Aten -Hoya in the company of Queen Tiye and the royal family -Hoya receiving a present from Akhenaton and Nefertiti -Akhenaton receiving the foreign envoys who pay tributes