Tuna El-Gabal is a village and archeological site near the city of Mallawi, in El Menia Governorate in Upper Egypt. It was the necropolis of Khmun (or Hermopolis Magna) for several centuries, from the Middle Kingdom till the Greco- Roman Period. Six stelae indicating the boundary between Hermopolis and Akhetaten are the oldest monuments found in the site. In the stelae, Akhenaton and his family are depicted making offerings to Aten. From the Greco-Roman Era, there are some catacombs as well as the Tombs of Petosiris and Isidora. Fraser Tombs: Two kilometers south of Tuna El-Gabal, lies another cemetery with the name 'Fraser Tombs' housing rock-cut tombs that date back to the Fourth and the Fifth Dynasties of the Old Kingdom . Here, the high officials of the ancient town of Mer-Nefer were buried. The tombs are gracefully decorated with statues of both the deceased and his family.