Nile In Aswan Egypt History is may be the longest, reichest and most documented history of all world countries. Comapring with China, Mesopotamia or any other ancient civilization in the world, Egypt has been the most influential country in human history. Even the commonly known influence of the greek civilization in the western history and civilization, it has actually its origins in the egyptian civilization.The first statues in Micenas civilization which is one of the most ancient elemnts in greek arts has egyptian style and influence. All famous scientists, philosophers and famous leaders had their education based on egyptian science and knowledge. Here in this section we will go through the different eras of the egyptian history begining with the prehistory and predynastic period untill modern times. Enjoy with us the most exciting, continuous and unqiue 7000 years story in the world.

Geographical Position of Egypt

Geographoc position of Egypt Egypt is located in the Northeastern corner of Africa. It is connected to Asia via Sinai Peninsula and separated from Europe by the Mediterranean. Egypt is located in the core of the world. It lies at the meeting point of Africa, Asia and Europe and it is the land on which the River Nile and the Mediterranean Sea meet. Geographically speaking, Egypt is the mother of rivers and seas, the cradle of farming and the school of navigation. The Mediterranean extends in the North to join Egypt with the Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea on the Eastern-South to join it with the Indian Ocean. Approximately, the Nile River runs on the Egyptian Land from the Pleistocene Age. On the Nile River's banks, the Egyptian man lived his first ages of cultures which called the Predynastic Period (prior to 3100 BC).

The emergence of the Egyptian Civilization

The emergence of the Egyptian Civilization is considered a kind of giving birth to the human civilization in general. Egyptians put the first stone for the human civilization on the Nile banks, where the cradle of great civilization grew up, flourished, created science, arts, wisdom and knowledge and enlightening the world. Essentially, Egypt is the first country whose cultural and political history has extended for four thousand years. The history of Egypt can be traced fairly through the coming periods.