Egypt is one of the extraordinary countries where entertainment is limitless. Your visit will be full of interesting activities that will definitely match your desires and will make your trip enjoyable and unforgettable. The amazing cities of Egypt offer different and unusual entertainment options that encourage various tourists from all over the world to come and feel the pleasure of having such a trip.

                   Visiting famous tourist destinations in Egypt is one of the incredible things to do during the day to have an entertaining tour. You need to head to Egypt's famous cities like Cairo where you can visit a large number of historical attractions. For example, you can explore the Pyramids of Giza, ride a horse or a camel and buy some souvenirs. At night, you can attend an interesting sound and light show to learn more about ancient Egyptian history. The Show includes illumination of colourful lights along with the narration of historical stories about each monument. You can also visit the Egyptian museum which displays a large collection of ancient artifacts and possessions that will involve you in the Egyptian historical events. Luxor and Aswan are other well-known cities in Egypt that comprise incredible tourist sites which also present the sound and light show like the Karnak Temple, Temple of Philae, Valley of the Kings and more. In addition, you need to visit Alexandria and take a look at the Montaza Palace, Citadel of Qaitbay, Bibliotheca Alexandrina and a lot more. You will get to see the fascination of the ancient Egyptian civilization portrayed through the ancient landmarks in various other cities in Egypt.

                   If you wish to spend an amusing time in Egypt’s most popular beaches, you should head to sites such as Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Dahab and others. You can have a relaxing time on the beach and enjoy sunlight, pleasant weather and clear water or you can do several interesting activities. For example, you should try diving deep into the sea and watching different species of colourful fish and coral reefs or you could do snorkeling and watch magical sights beneath. If you are a fan of adventures, you can add a little suspense to your trip by trying skydiving and parasailing. Do not forget to go on safari trips in the desert and get engaged in Bedouin life. In addition, you need to do some shopping and buy some gifts and souvenirs to take back home from famous shopping areas like Naama Bay in Sharm El-Sheikh.

                   Egypt provides a large number of entertaining activities during the Night that must be included in your trip. If you are a fan of music and wish to attend fantastic performances for famous Arabic artists, you need to head to the Cairo Opera House. A variety of live performances and shows for musical bands, Sufi shows, individual artists are frequently held on indoor and outdoor theatres. You will get to watch some of the best talents and listen to incredible voices and instruments. In case you have visited Egypt during the Holy Month of Ramadan, you need to consider heading to the ancient house of Zeinab Khatoun, also in Cairo, where you can enjoy evening musical shows which create a vibrant atmosphere. You will also find the Sawy Culture Wheel in Cairo which offers various spectacular events for Egyptian rock and jazz bands, young talented artists and more. Puppet shows are also available, so it will be fun to take your kids to watch these enjoyable performances. In Alexandria, the Sayed Dervish Theatre is also one of the marvelous places for enjoying Arabic music concerts for talented artists.

                     Furthermore, you must not miss watching the exceptional Tanoora Dance Shows which is an Egyptian traditional dance that is performed exclusively in Egypt. It is an amusing dance that engages you with the Egyptian culture. It is presented in various places all over Egypt, and you will get the chance to see it during your Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruise since it is included in the entertainment program. Also, having a dinner Nile Cruise in Cairo will enable you to enjoy the Tanoora performance. In Cairo, you can also head to the Wikala of Al-Ghuri which is situated in the Azhar area and where Tanoora shows are displayed every week. Belly dancing performances are also presented on Nile cruises and some night clubs at hotels to entertain the audience.

                  Visiting parks is another way to spend an enjoyable time in Egypt away from the hustle of cities. You will be surrounded by nature that will make you feel relaxed and cheerful. You can head to the Wadi Digla Protected Area in Cairo where you can do some adventurous activities like jogging, cycling and climbing or you can just sit comfortably in the green area and observe the beauty of nature. You can also enjoy doing barbecues at night. There are a lot of extraordinary things you can do in Egypt to enjoy your trip and to always remember how much fun you had.