To make your trip much more exotic when you visit an extraordinary country like Egypt, you need to experience the Nile cruise trip. It is a trip between two of the major touristic cities in Egypt which are Luxor and Aswan. During your tour, you will get to learn more about the ancient history of Egypt by visiting historical landmarks, have a relaxing time enjoying the amazing weather with the view of the lovely Nile and more. Therefore, do not miss the chance to have such an unforgettable Nile cruise trip. Before travelling to Egypt, you should know some details about booking a Nile cruise.

 Before booking your Nile cruise, there are some important tips to consider. For example, it is preferred that you only pick 5-star Nile cruises or above. Booking cruises below 5-stars may lead to several unexpected issues, especially health problems. Spending your trip on a 5-star cruise or above is much safer and the food served is guaranteed because it is well-cleaned, of good-quality, healthy to eat and more delicious. Therefore, choosing 5-star cruises or above is much better because nothing will ruin your trip. The more services and facilities offered, the higher the number of stars of a cruise get and the safer the cruise becomes, so do not choose low cost over your health and entertainment. Moreover, you need to be able to differentiate between a 5-star cruise and a 5-star deluxe cruise. The 5-star deluxe tends to be more luxurious and filled with amenities. For example, you will enjoy cabins with more features for your comfort, massage services for relaxation, Jacuzzis, various high-quality and amazing meals and a lot more.

Booking a Nile cruise has become much easier online since you only get to search, compare and choose between various results and offers. You will find a lot of travel agencies providing discounts on flight tickets and Nile cruises, so that you can have a fabulous trip with affordable and low cost. Make sure you pick the suitable package and do not hesitate to book a Nile cruise trip between Luxor and Aswan to enjoy visiting all the exceptional ancient touristic attractions and feel the pleasure of seeing the beauty of the Nile. It is easy to reserve online or by heading to the company you prefer. In addition, you need to consider choosing the right time for reserving your trip. The peak season for Nile cruises is during the winter season from November to February when the weather becomes pleasant during day and night. In summer the temperature gets too high and the weather becomes very hot, therefore, it is considered a low season for Nile cruises.  

 If you wish to enjoy a marvelous Nile cruise, you should also keep in mind taking the Full-board package which gathers transportation and accommodation along with some entertaining excursions. Full-board includes all three meals which are served in an open buffet and offers a variety of delightful dishes to enable you to choose freely what you wish to eat. Some cruises offer Set Menu, and the availability of providing several types of food depends on the quality and type of cruise. Meals are served according to a fixed schedule, and you are allowed to have drinks like tea or coffee every day. Moreover, you need to know that the check-in time for cruises is around 11 am before serving lunch. The check-out is at 8 am after having the breakfast meal, but you can still stay on board and use the facilities of the cruise except for the cabin and restaurant in case your flight or train departures later during the day.

Furthermore, Nile cruises organize fantastic shows and performances every night for the entertainment of passengers. Shows vary from a cruise to another but most cruises present a cocktail party on the first day and managers introduce their crews to the passengers on board. There is also an event called the Galabia party which involves you in an Egyptian folkloric atmosphere. You can either buy a Galabia on board from a bazaar or you can get it during walking around in the city. A fabulous Nubian show is also performed by Nubian dancers and singers wearing their traditional outfits. Cruises also organize belly dancing shows along with the interesting Tanoora dancing shows which engage you in the unique Egyptian culture.    

You need to know that Nile cruises do not require a particular dress code, and thus you can wear whatever you like. Make sure you bring comfortable light clothes like shorts, t-shirts or others to wear during the day and for hot weather if you travel during the summer season. Besides bringing casual outfits, getting smart casual outfits are preferred for dinner time, but for breakfast and lunch, it is fine to wear casual or whatever you want.                

  There are some things that you need to do while going on a Nile Cruise. For example, you must not miss experiencing the air balloon trip and enjoy flying and watching the magical scenery of sunrise. It will be a fantastic relaxing trip, and then after landing, you can head to the Valley of the Kings to explore the wealthy history. Also, consider visiting Luxor temple 30 minutes before sunset because you will be amazed by the view when the light emerges. Also, keep in mind attending the interesting sound and light shows presented at some ancient touristic sites such as the Karnak Temple, Temple of Philae, Valley of the Kings and more. These shows will introduce a brief of the great history of each monument by a voice narrating the story while the colours of light rays keep shifting. These are not all the incredible activities you can do during your Nile cruise, but there is a lot more to explore and enjoy.