Your visit to Egypt must include shopping in fantastic local markets or souks, besides bazaars. You will get to buy a variety of souvenirs and gifts to take back home and to save the memory of your trip. There are several markets in every corner of Egypt like the Khan El Khalili in Cairo and other famous bazaars in touristic destinations like Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh and more. In all these markets, you will get the chance to purchase all the goods you need including clothes, accessories, jewelry, fruits, vegetables and others at low prices.  

                     You should start by heading to Khan El Khalili which is the best-known shopping market and one of the largest markets in Egypt. It is located in the Hussein District in the city of Cairo. It is a very ancient market that has a history of 500 years and consists of several streets, stores and shops selling a large number of interesting Egyptian products. It attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world to enjoy shopping and observing the marvelous architecture of ancient buildings. You will find workshops selling charming jewelry along with other goods made of glass, copper and more.

                  Moreover, you can stop by the Tawfikeya Market which is situated in the downtown and close to another popular shopping street called the 26th of July, where you will also find a large number of stores selling all you need. You can do some shopping at the Tawfikeya area at any time since all shops and stores remain open for late hours, and all goods are available at these shops with cheap prices. There is also another local market called the Friday market set near the citadel, which is a famous tourist attraction in Egypt that has a great historical story to explore. The Friday market is held every Friday afternoon. 

                     You can visit other markets in Alexandria like the extraordinary Attarine Market which is composed of various narrow streets filled with shops displaying a collection of different types of antiques and more. If you are a fan of hand-made products, you must not miss the weekly market held in Al Arish in North Sinai every Thursday. You can find a variety of hand-made goods invented with professionality and creativity by Bedouins from Sinai. 

                     A variety of products are exhibited in the Egyptian local markets such as leather products including bags, jackets, shoes, slippers and more. These are hand-made products in a variety of colours, and some of these goods carry an Egyptian pharaonic symbol which makes it a perfect souvenir or gift. In addition, Egypt is famed for selling products made of glass in various colours and shapes like plates, vases and more. Pottery crafts are also available at markets with several marvelous shapes at low prices. Furthermore, Egyptians offer copper-made goods, and thus there is an area called "Nahaseen" in Cairo where craftsmen specialize in creating exceptional copper products of all shapes. For example, you will find lanterns, trays, Arabian coffee pots and others. Egypt is best known for the high-quality of its cotton, so you should consider purchasing pure cotton products like trousers, dresses, shirts, scarves, the famous Arabian Galabeya and more. The Galabeya is a traditional Egyptian outfit that will be an amazing souvenir. It is comfortable to wear for both men and women and is available in different designs and colours. Buying Egyptian belly dancing outfits and accessories will also be interesting. They are usually designed in different styles using shiny and glittery colours which capture the attention of various tourists. Do not also miss getting miniature statues of the Sphinx, the pyramids or other ancient monuments because they are considered the best souvenirs and gifts.

                  You should know that shopping in local markets requires bargaining with some Egyptian sellers. You might need to negotiate to get a lower price for the best products. It may take a while because some sellers do not accept lowering the price since they believe they offer the best price available for such a good and expensive product. Other storekeepers might agree to lower the price a little bit.  

                  If you are done with shopping at the local markets, you can try shopping at some of Egypt's elegant shopping malls. Cairo comprises shopping malls which contain a large number of brand stores where you can buy glamorous fashionable clothes and cosmetics along with eating in food courts containing a series of well-known restaurants serving delicious food. You will also find cinemas displaying the latest movies as well as an area for kids to have some fun playing while you finish your shopping. Mall of Arabia, City Stars, Mall of Egypt, Cairo Festival City, Nile Hilton Mall and others are some of the preferable shopping malls in Cairo. When you travel to Alexandria, you can check the San Stefano Mall, Grand Plaza Mall, Zahran Mall and more which offer an enjoyable shopping time. Shopping in Egypt, whether in local markets or in sophisticated shopping malls, is an entertaining experience that you must not miss.