The Wikala of Sultan Qaytbay locates in Bab El-Nasr street few meters away from the Tomb of Ahmed El-Qazid with its fascinating ribbed brick dome. It traces back to the first half of the 15th century and is admired for its ornate facade. It was established by Sultan Qaytbay; one of the prominent Mamluks at the time of Sultan Barsbay who managed to rise to the rank of Chief of the Army in a very short period and then assumed the power of Egypt in the period from 1468 to 1496. He is credited to renovating and erecting a large number of buildings that immortalize his name till now including the Sabil-Kuttab Wikala and Hod of Qaytbay in El-Shaykh Mohammed Abdu Street and his Complex in El Suq Street. This Wikala of Sultan Qaytbay was one of the major commercial centers in Cairo in the Mamluk era and is still admired for its Mamluk architectural style. It appears as a two-story building with small shops and smoe storerooms in the first floor, and a number of small rooms that some of them were used as residence for the workmen of the Wikala while the other part was for rent. It was a livestock market for imported spices, animals, handmade works and other goods.