The Wikala of El-Ghuri situates in El-Sheikh Mohamed Abdu Street some meters way from El-Ghureya Complex and El-Azhar Mosque. The Wikala means a commercial center visited by a large number of people to sell and buy there. The architectural style of the Mamluk Wikala was usually consisting of a building of two stories: the first one for the animals and goods of the merchants, while the second was including the merchant's inhabitance rooms. This Wikala was established by Sultan Qunsuwa El-Ghuri and was famous for trading in imported spices. This Wikala is one of the few remaining Wikalas in Cairo since most of the Wikalas disappeared now. It is admired for its handsome Mashrabiya windows hanging down from the second floor overlooking the street and its square lines. The Wikala still exists as a strong building and is used as a cultural center.