The Wikala and Sabil-Kuttab of Gamal El-Din El-Dahabi lies in one of the side streets off El Muiz Le Din Allah Street called El-Maqasis and next to the Mosque of Shaykh El-Mutahar . Although the major part of this monument is ruined, it is worth visiting for the historical value of its constructor. It was established by Gamal El-Din El-Dahabi, one of the prominent merchants in Cairo and the Chief of corporations of gold merchants. He has another house that carries its name in El-Darbel Ahmar region. The Wikala was a commercial center established by wealthy merchants and noblemen of the 17th century. It was containing usually of a number of small shops, storerooms and other places for the merchants and poor workers of the Wikala to live in. There was a huge number of these Wikalas in old Cairo, but most of them are in ruins now or disappeared by the passage of time. The area around the remains of El-Dahabi Wikala is still very lively and is famous for producing and trading in gold souvenirs and other handmade works such as Alabaster statues and Basketry . In El-Nahhasin Street, there are many Goldsmiths' and Coppersmiths' bazaars always visited by people who are interested in buying brass works, copper plates, bangles and necklaces.