The Wikala of Emir Qawsun situates in Bab El-Nasr Street nearby the Mosque of El-Hakim and it was the located in the northern boarders of the Fatimid Cairo. It was established by Emir Qawsun who was one of the most preferable noblemen for Sultan El-Nasir Mohammad. He occupied many prominent positions in a very short period including the post of Cupbearer and Emir of One Hundred and Commander of a Thousand. The wealthy noblemen were used to build these commercial centers in order to raise money that helps them in leading a prosperous life and in establishing more buildings that immortalize their name forever.

The Wikala of Qawsun was once one of the largest commercial centers in Cairo that included lodgings for approximately 360 people who were working in it in addition to the storerooms and the stalls. The major part of this Wikala is ruined now, but it is worth visiting for the historical value of its constructor whose blazon is still beautifying the reminiscent roundels of the façade of the Wikala. next to the Wikala stands a small beautifully ornamented shrine whish is the Mausoleum of Ahmed El-Qazid . The most interesting feature of this tomb is its brick dome that is decorated with plaster ribes. Behind the attractive window grill appears the cenotaph of Ahmed Qazid. There are also some handsome Quran inscriptions that date back to the 14th century.