The Wikala of El-Bazara locates in Bab El-Nasr Street westward the Mosque of Ustadar . This Wikala was one of the major commercial centers and was famous for trading in coffee, wood and soap. It was recently renovated to be used as a center for art and crafts. Few meters away from this Wikala, one can find the remains of the two Wikalas of Abbas Agha that were in the same time of this Wikala. The most admired items among the remains of this monument are the portal and the façade. The Wikala of Bazara is admired for its Mamluk style of decoration and design, but it is quite larger than the usual size of the Mamluk Wikalas. The beauty of the structure is accentuated by the nice Mashrabiya windows that beautify the building from inside and outside, the finely carved wooden works and the excessively decorated portal. The interior plan of the building consists of a vast courtyard preceded by a corridor. It is a two-story building: the first layer was the place of the stalls and storerooms, while in the second one was dedicated to the domiciles of the merchants and workers of the Wikala.