The Wikala and Sabil-Kuttab of Nafisa El Bayda lies in Maydan El-Metwalli next to the Mosque of El-Muayyad Shaykh and Bab Zuwayla . The complex was constructed by Nafisa Bayda who came to Egypt as a slave and then gained more power and wealth until she became one of the prominent women at that time. She was a handsome, charitable and highly cultured woman and she married two famous noblemen in the Mamluk period: the first was Ali Beck El-Kabir, and the second was Murad Bey. She played a great role in supporting Murad Bey in his conflicts with the Ottoman viceroy in Egypt and with Napoleon until his death in 1801. This complex is regarded as one of the major buildings that were erected by awoman at that time. The major part of this complex is in a ruinous state now but there are still few charming remains that are worth seeing. The most interesting thing of all these remains is the charming façade with its Mashrabiya window that was reshaped in the early 18th century, while the whole building was renovated in 1998. The men's bath is another part is still in use and its door can be seen next to modern shop nearby the complex. The Sabil Kuttab of Nafisa stands southward Bab Zuwayla and it was restored in 1998 and regained its beauty.