The Sakakini Palace locates in El-Sakakini Square next to the Mosque of Baybars I . This palace was established by Henry El-Sakakini Pasha who came to Egypt at the age of 16 and worked hard until he managed to be a prominent contractor and occupy a great position in the country at the time of Muhammed Ali. This building is distinguished by its rococo style of the façade that looks like that of the Italian buildings. The domes of the palace are highly attractive because of their conical and onion shape exactly like the garlands, shields, busts, and cupolas that ornament the exterior plan.
From outside, the palace appears as a five-story building and it occupies a very wide area and surrounded by a number of modern buildings that hides it. The interior plan of the building that was renovated in 2002 is highly preserved and it involves about 50 rooms. This monument is worth visiting for the magnificent Parquet floor and the luxuriously ornamented ceiling. There is a huge number of handsomely decorated doors and windows beautifying the walls of the palace. The dinning room is still preserved with the magnificent cupboards and food elevator that are worth seeing.