The Palace or Qasr Bashtak situates in one of the side street of El Muiz Le Din Allah Street next to the Qasaba . It was constructed by Emir Bashtak; the husband of Sultan El-Nasir Mohammed's daughter and one of the prominent Emirs at his reign. He was in charge of many influential posts including the Jamadar and his blazon appears as a diamond-shaped napkin over the façade of the building and the staind glass windows. The reminiscent of this palace highlight the beauty of the 14th century style of decoration. Of special interest among the remains of the palace are the stone slots over the arches that were used for holding the Mashrabiya screens, and the ceiling with its nice wooden patterns.

The façade of the palace has a remarkable Mashrabiya window and is surrounded by some stalls and their rents were given directly to the Emir. The entrance is handsomely ornamented with roundels on its two sides. From the entrance, one can find a vast courtyard with a flock of stair-steps leading to the Qaa or the reception hall of the palace in the second floor. The walls of the reception hall are nicely decorated with Mashrabiya screens allowing the women in the women department or the Haramlik to see what is happening in the lower base. In the center of the hall, there is a charming Fountain that was usually playing music for entertaining the guests. By the end of this hall, there are some windows overlooking the main street and other windows with stained glass that were used for decorating and illuminating the place. In the last quarter of the 20th century the palace was restored.