The Palace of Emir Taz appear in El-Seyufia Street. This palace was erected by Emir Taz who was one of Sultan El-Nasir Muhammad Mamluks and who was appointed later on as the Grand Dawadar. He became one of the administrating Emirs in the days of Sultan Hasan until Emir Shaykhu revolted against him. He built this Palace celebrating his marriage to Khwand Zahra the daughter of El-Nasir Muhammed. The palace was renovated several times in the 19th century. During the days of Khedive Ismaeel the palace was used as a school. The building was destroyed in 1992 earthquake but it was restored by and now it is a museum and exhibitions center. The palace is now one of the most fascinating buildings in El Darb El Ahmar District that Egyptians and foreigners alike enjoy visiting it.