The Harem Palace or the women palace locates in the Citadel of Salah El-Din in Salah Salem Street. This palace was added to the northern enclosure of the citadel at the dynasty of Mohammad Ali and its entrance was placed in Bab El-Qallaa. It was used as a hospital for a period of time, but since its restoration in the early 20th, it became a Military Museum.
The palace was distinguished by its design and decoration that resembles that of the European buildings. The major part of the building disappeared except for the one room that was used as a bath area and all the furniture of it also does not exist. The bath area is worth seeing for the marble Salsabil with that played a great role in cooling and ventilating the hall of the palace. Of special interest among the remains of the mosque are the handsomely decorated ceiling and the wooden lantern cupola that was used for ventilating the place also.