The Musafirkhana Palace locates in Bab El-Nasr Street next to the Mosque of Mahmud Muharram . This palace was a part of a complex that comprises of a mosque, Tekiya, and palace that was erected by the wealth merchant Mahmud Muharram. This palace dates back to the Ottoman period and it was the center of a group of influential people in society at that time. The Tekiya that was once attached to the building provided the residence for a large number of Sufis and the charitable constructor of the palace was providing them with all what they need. This palace was inhabited by the royal family of Mohammed Ali who used it as a residence for the important guests and emissaries and also as a residence for some of the wives of Mohammed Ali including the mother of Khedive Ismail. The major part of this palace was destroyed because of the arson of 1998, but it is still appreciated for its historical value.