El Manyal Palace was built early the 20th century as a residence for Prince Mohammed Ali Tawgik. It lies in El Roda Islanc on the eastern side of the Nile River. The palace stands in a garden enclosure that was supplied with a marvellous collection of trees and flowers. The palace stands as a two story building with a number of luxuriously decorated rooms that were used as a residence for Emir Mohammed Ali and the members of the royal family.
The Throne room is the most admired room in the palace and its style of decoration resembles the one in the palace of the Citadel. The Hunting Museum of the Game Museum was attched to the palace later and there are some of the trophies and curios of King Farouk and Prince Youssef Kamal displayed in it. Worth admiration in El Manyal palace and Museum are the mosque with marvellous style of decoration and finely ornamented panels, and the watch tower.