The Ribat or hospice was a place established by the charitable wealthy people at that time to provide the poverty stricken people with food and shelter. By the end of the 15th century, the Zawiya took the responsibility of supplying those people with what they need. This Ribat was erected by the Judge or El-Qadi Zayn El-Din Yahya who occupied a prominent position in the reign of Sultan Gaqmaq serving as the Grand Ustadar and the Majordomo. He was a Mamluk of the Pen and a Mamluk of Sword. At the reign of Sultan Qaytbay who was bearing grudge for him, El-Qadi suffered a lot to the extent that he was imprisoned and severely tormented. El-Qadi constructed three buildings but the only remaining one is this Ribat. This Ribat is admired for its handsome trilobed portal and its Mashrabiya windows that mark its façade. There is a Sabil-Kuttab attached to the Ribat as well and it still exists next to the façade of the building. To reach the second floor that includes some small rooms, one should use the stairs on the left of the main door. The structure of the building looks like that of a congregational mosque that includes a sanctuary with double arcade, a Mihrab, a Minbar. The Mihrab is surmounted by a brick dome, while the Minbar is handsomely decorated with the blazon of the Dawadar or executive secretary. The building was restored in 1905 and in 2000.


General Information Monument Number: 201

Construction Date: 1025- 1038AH/1616-1629AD

Construction Era: The Ottoman Period

Constructor Name: Karim El-Din Ahmed El-Burdayni Monument

Kind: Mosque/Masjid Status

Preserved Region: Sharia Port Said

Address: Sharia El-Habbaniya off Sharia Mohammed Ali The Ribat of El-Qadi Yahya lies in Sharia El-Habbaniya off Sharia Mohammed Ali.