The House of Ibrahim Katkhuda El Sinnary situates in one of the side streets nearby Sharia Port Said. It is one of the few remaining monuments in the area of Berket El-Fiel, since there were two other houses next to it that were completely relicted by the passage of time. These three houses were used as a residence for the French Committee of Sciences and Arts in 1798. Outside the house one can notice the beautiful Mashrabiya window that decorates the Harem Qaa or hall in the second floor. In the past there was a vast garden preceding the building but it was removed in a process of restoration. The house is renovated now to be used as an art centre and a book store.
The interior plan of the house is designed on the typical Cairene style that was used at that time. The house consists of a vast courtyard with a Maqaad and a Qaa for Harem topped with a Malqaf whish is a window used for letting the fresh air enters into the place.