The House of Abd El-Rahman El Harawi locates in Haret El-Einaba off El-Shaykh Mohamed Abdu Street next to the House-Waqf of Zaynab Khatun. It was erected by Ahmed Ibn Yusuf El Serafy who was one of the Fatimid period noblemen. The House is named after the last one who inhabited it, Abd El-Rahman El-Harawi.

The beauty of this house is accentuated by the richly decorated wide reception room that can be seen in the ground floor. It is ornamented with bold Thuluth inscriptions for some verses of the Quran. Next to the southern corner of the courtyard appears another beautiful reception room but not as beautiful as the first one. The house was successfully renovated in 1993, and it is used as a theater in which the Arabic music is monthly performed.