The House or Manzil of Ali Effendi Labib lies in the El Darb El Ahmar District exactly in Haret Darb El-Labbana nearby the mausoleum of Emir Akhur. At the end of this street, one can see the remains of Tekiyat Taqy El-Deen El-Bistami that dates back to the late Mamluk period.

The only remaining part of this Tekiya is the entrance that is nicely decorated in turquoise. The house of Ali Effendi Labib was constructed by the brothers Omar and Ibrahim El-Malatily in the ottoman period. The house is worth visiting for its beautiful façade with its charming Mashrabiya windows. The house was known for a while as" Maison des Arts" and regarded as a center in which some of the most famous artists in Egypt were living in.