The house of Ahmad Katkhuda El Razzaz lies in Suq El-Selah Street nearby the mosque of Sultan Shaban. The monument consists, in reality, of two houses: The first one's entrance is in Sharia El-Tebbana next to the palace of Sultan Qaytbay, while the second's entrance appears in Bab El-Selah Street. The courtyard of the house is about 400 sqaure meters. The palace contains 190 chambers for the members of that large Family and their servants and employees. It is a very lofty house since there are many halls, huge chambers, courtyards, bathes and storerooms.
There are also a stable and a well. On the left of the courtyard, there are stairs that lead to the hall in the second floor where a very unique Mashrabiya overlooking the courtyard appears. That distinguishing Mashrabiya contains some windows that enable women upstairs of seeing what happens in the courtyard. The house includes the 18th century hall and in the center of it appears a fountain with a domed opening. Although this hall is half ruined it is still regarded as one of the best vestiges in Cairo. On the right side of the hall, appears a large chamber with a handsomely decorated Ceiling, painted in blue and red.