The House of Gamal El Din El Dahabi locates in Sharia Khushqadam off El Moez Ledin Allah Street nearby the mosque of El-Fakahani nearby El Darb El Ahmar District. It was established by Gamal El Din El Dahabi who was one of the prominent merchants in Cairo and the Chief of corporations of gold merchants. He established also a complex that contains a Sabil-Kuttab and Wikala in an adjacent area and it still exists in El-Qasaba Street. The two story house of El Dahabi is typically designed on the Mamluk style with its complex structure and luxurios decoration.
It includes a large number of rooms and the ceiling of it is brightly colored and coffered. The house is admired for its courtyard that contains a handsomely ornamented door and a beautiful fountain in the middle of it. In the second floor, one can find the vast Maqaad or hall that is supplied with finely decorated arches. Next to the Maqaad stands a wide Qaa that is surmounted by a beautifully ornamented dome and marble-inlaid vestiges on the walls. Of special interest in this house also are the Mashrabiya windows imparting on the lower base to enable the women of seeing what happens downstairs and in the street in the past.