Sarenput II was the Overseer of the Priests of Khnum and Commander of the Garrison at Elephantine during the reign of Amenemhet II from the XII Dynasty. Carved in the rocks of the hill on the western bank in front of the city, his tomb is one of the best preserved tombs in Aswan. It consists of a large chamber with six carved and undecorated columns. Between the second and third pillar, there is an offering table that has inscriptions with the name and titles of Sarenput II. The Chamber leads to a gallery with six niches each which once contained mummiform statues of the deceased. The gallery's columns were decorated with images of Sarenput, while the scenes on the walls depict his wife, the Priestess of Hathor, and other family members on plaster and painted in vivid colors. On the front wall of the gallery, there is a colorful text that tells the biography of Sarenput. We can still see the grid-lines, once were being used by the artist in his work.