Agha Khan Mausoleum lies on a hill on the West Bank of the Nile, at Aswan. Here, Agha Khan III (1877-1957), the 48th Imam (or leader) of the Ismaili sect of Shiite Muslims was buried. He was a friend of the Egyptian Royal Family who used to invite him to spend the winter in Aswan every year. He fall in love with the city and thus, when he died, his wife, the Begum, erected a Mausoleum on his honor on the hillside behind their villa. The Mausoleum imitates the style of Cairo's Fatimid tombs. On the inside, there is a marble shrine and the Agha Khan's sarcophagus, inscribed with texts from the Quran. Until her death in 2000, the Begum spent part of each year in the villa and she used to visit the Mausoleum every day to place a red rose on her husband's sarcophagus. The Mausoleum is a private property and can not be visited by tourists.