Aswan Market is located near the Nile river valley and offering you a unique pleasure to shop in Aswan. It is a heaven for all those who have come to shop from the different parts of the world where fruits, spices, vegetables and handicrafts mix in a dazzling lively symphony. Among the products you will find available are products of leather, textile, typical Nubian (related to Nubia region) dresses and also objects, collars, bracelets, books and music. Side by side, you can be taken by the Karkade (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) and other many colorful spices and herbs which have unique appreciable odors. To spend a good time, there are various marvelous things to do. You can enjoy drinking tea, or smoking Shisha (the Egyptian water-pipe or Hookah) while listening to the Nubian music or listening to Om Kolthoum, who is –though deceased more than 20 years ago– the most famous and favorite Egyptian singer.