About 80 km south of the city of El-Tor (in South Sinai) lies the natural protected area of Ras (Head) Mohammad. The reserve is situated in a very strategic location between the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba, near the Strait of Tiran. At the entrance, one can see the huge statues at the gates and a number of friendly native rangers who check visitors' ID and give them tickets. Proceeding forward, one usually visits the museum in the visitors center. For camping lovers, there are 3 main camping areas, each separated by a small hill, just next to the laboratories building. The beach at the middle area is sandy with few rocks and suitable for kids to play on. There are great wonderful activities one can amuse themselves with in this enchanting spot. For those who admire diving and snorkeling, they will be content and satisfied with the unforgettable experience they can make underwater while watching the most beautiful and exotic coral reefs and multi-colored fish. Always referred to as a place out of this world, the heavenly reserve has fascinating landscapes that echo a pure natural life one may wish to experience. After choosing a place to camp in and unload your luggage, you can head to the Mangrove Channel, where crowded trees grow from the salty water. Then, you can head to the Earthquake Crack.




This huge crack was done in the land by an earthquake then flowed by the water.The next place for you to visit is the Magic Bay, where you can behold water magically disappearing and then reappearing. Afterwards, comes the time to enjoy the Observatory Beach, where you use stairs to reach the peak of a small hill. There you find a telescope waiting for you to make you view with your eyes and at the same moment enchanting and eye-catching views one can ever see: one can behold the Aqaba and Suez Bays, countless yachts, corals, turquoise water and flights of different birds and falcons. At night, you can sit around the camp fire or enjoy a walk on the beach, but visitors are not allowed to go outside the camping area after 6:00 pm until 8:00am with no permissions since everything is done by the rangers at the gate. Recommendations: The entrance time is between 8:00am to 6:00pm. To get all your plans done easily with more joy and satisfaction, here is a list of the things you may need to bring. It is recommended that you bring with you: sleeping bags; a tent; a stove; food, water and drinks; candles; flash light; camera; batteries; entertainment stuff; coal to make camp fire; matches and a lighter; waste bags; snorkeling (or diving) gear; and swimming shoes. And you can take you cell phone with you as there is a mobile signal everywhere. The phone numbers of the reserve are (069)366-0668/0559 and they are available from 8:00 am to noon.