Covering an area of 500 km2, Ras Abu Galum (Ra's Abou Goloum) Natural Reserve is situated to the northeast of South Sinai, right between Dahab and Nuweiba, near by the Gulf of Aqaba. This genuine Bedouin village was declared a protected area in 1992. Entering the reserve, one finds a visitor center where visitors are told information about different aspects of the place as well as instructions for safety and amusement as well as the local rules and the recommended diving sites. Rich of its flora and fauna, the natural park is distinguished with an integrated ecological system of desert environments, mountains and valleys, and a large variety of coral reefs and multi-colored fish. All of this gives the area an attractively peculiar beauty.

The reserve has over 160 different unique species of plants and a large number of animals and reptiles, such as: Nubian Ibex, Striped Hyena, lizards, Black Cobra, and Horned Viper. Landscapes lovers can immerse in the marvelous views of the high altitude deserts, watersheds, wadis (valleys) and hillsides, green lowland areas, water springs, picturesque coastal sand dunes and gravels, a high diversity of reef fish, fossil reefs and sabkha. A trip to Ra's Abu Galum includes swimming, snorkeling on the local coral reef and eating grilled, local fish. It is highly-recommended that visitors should never get to the dangerous underwater caves at Ras Mamlah which are more than 95 m deep. You can have a camel ride with a Beduine guide to check the whole fascinating area. Fishery is regulated to preserve the delicate coral reef. You can watch the active Beduines fishing to supply restaurants with fish.