Nweiba (or Nuébaa) is one of the tourist resorts in South Sinai Governorate located 87km away from Dahab, 180km away from Sharm El Sheikh and 70km from Taba. The main economic resources for Nuweiba are tourism, agriculture and trade since it encloses Nuweiba Port. It is highly admired for its unique location, marvelous natural beauty of the palm lined sand beaches, and its crystal clear water. Many tourists prefer Nuweiba Summer resort rather than other ones for the friendly nature and the kindness of the local people of the city who are almost Bedouins. Safari tours, snorkeling, and windsurfing come on the top of the activities that can be practiced in the city. Additionally, visitors of Nuweiba can enjoy riding camels, horses and quad bike on the golden beaches of the city and enjoy the marvelous weather. In Nuweiba Tarabin, northward Nuweiba, one can find the remains of a fort that dates back to the Mamluk period in addition to a wide range of palm tree gardens and a market for some handmade wall hangings and manual carpets with bright colors.

Nuwebaa Fortress

The small ancient Castle of Nuweiba (also pronounced Nuweibah, Nweba`a, Nweba, and Nuebaa) lies near the beach of Tarabin (Tarabeen), in Nuweiba (a coastal town in the eastern part of Sinai Peninsula). It was built in 1893 by the Ottoman Turks under ruins of an ancient one in front of the city of Nwebaa, during the XVIII century. It was meant to provide protection to this strategic position on the Gulf of Aqaba. It was registered under the Islamic monuments of the area in 1999. The Fortress of Tarabin (locally known as "Tabeyat Nuweibah") includes a shaft (still in use), walls, huge door, and a number of chambers. Inside the walls, one can see water well. While discovering the archeological site of the site, a settlement for soldiers of the fortress was found. Also discovered is a granite tower, far by 180 m east to the castle.