On the southeast coast of Sinai Peninsula about 80 km far from Sharm El Sheikh, stands Dahab with its golden sand beaches and turquoise crystal clear water, charming weather, and enchanting scenery. It is one of the aczpopular tourist attractions renowned for its exotic beaches where Scuba diving, snorkeling can be practiced. Assalah is one of the regions of Dahab that is distinguished by its golden palm lined beach and the excellent dive spots such as the Blue Hole that is widely admired by visitors of Dahab. Dahab area is renowned for its luxuriously decorated and designed hotels that provide its guests with all amenities and comforts to make them enjoy tranquility and peace of mind have been established. It can be easily reached by air through the Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, or Cairo International Airport and then traveling by car from Cairo to Dahab and enjoy the magnificent view of the mountains and the good weather in the road from Cairo to Dahab. Because of the magnificent activity of wind in Dahab, most of its visitors enjoy windsurfing sports. Riding camels and horses, and jeep and quad bike tours are other activities that can be practiced in Dahab allowing a better chance for interacting with kind and friendly Egyptian people. There are also numerous shopping centers and bazaars in Dahab and this facilitates the process of taking souvenirs before leaving Egypt at good prices. This wide range of facilites and services and the full scale variety of activities made Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh on top of the most visited destinations not only in Egypt but in the Middle East as a whole.