El Bahariya is an oasis in the Western Desert that is regarded as a part of 6th October Governorate currently. It locates about 300 km from Cairo and consists of a number of smaller villages including El Bawiti, the largest village and the capital of the oasis. The main economic resources of El Waha El Bahariya are mainly driven from agriculture and tourism.On its land, the oasis has ruins and necropolis that date back to the Pharaonic and Greco- Roman Periods. Manifesting a great fauna biodiversity, the oasis is rich in wildlife of migrant birds and deer; and it has more 390 mineral and sulfuric springs. Uniquely, in Ein EI Bishmo Springs, both hot and cold water flow from separate sources then mingle in a small stream. A great attention is paid to the city for providing it with all essential needs of water supply, electricity and a driveway linking it with major cities like Cairo.