El Farafra is an oasis in the New Valley governorate in the Western Desert of Egypt. It locates between El Dakhla and El Bahariya Oases. Distinctively, the oasis is distinguished with a simple architecture of its mud-brick houses, of which the oldest part lies on a hillside, next to peaceful palm groves. Not so far, there are hot sulfuric springs at Bir Setta and EL-Mufid Lake where visitors can satisfy their wishes for swimming. At the site, were unearthed some Roman ruins of Qasr AL-Farafra and Qasr Abu Minqar. Additionally, on the oasis' land, there are other attractions like the art center. Situated in a garden with plenty of sculptures made of materials available in the desert, the center houses a museum and a studio exhibiting paintings and ceramics of a local artist. The main economic resources of the oasis are agriculture, tourism and some handcrafts. The main source for water supply of the oasis is underground water and they overcome the scarcity of this water by digging more wills to use it for everyday life needs and for agriculture as well. El Farafra is renowned for its huge production of many crops such as olives, dates, wheat and beans and exporting it abroad. Some of the inhabitants of the oasis especially women earn their living from manufacturing handmade baskets and pottery pots and selling it for tourists as souvenirs at good prices. Spinning is one of the important crafts in El Farafra and people are clever at using it for producing manual carpets and wall hangings and other magnificent items.