The Black Desert stretches over a massive area in the Western Desert, in the New Valley Governorate. It locates in the area between El Bahariya and El Farafra Oases and is regarded as one of the popular destinations for those who enjoy safaris in Egypt. The closest places to this desert are the Crystal Mountain and the White Desert which are also areas of magnificent natural beauty.

Echoing the site's nature, the desert's name comes from all the little black rocks that top the sand and hills. Unlike the other sand dens in the western desert, this area is distinguished by the magnificent view of the black and reddish colors of the hills of the area and this attracts most of the photographers for taking photos for that area. The Black Desert area is one of the most dangerous places in the Western Desert since it is uninhabited and is quite away from the other oases. Thus it is preferable to be accompanied by a tour guide, to avoid any hazards accident that may spoil your trip.