El Bawiti is the capital of the Oasis of Bahariya, in the governorate of Giza. In the vicinity of the town were found many archeological sites like: the Valley of the Golden Mummies, Tombs of Qarat Qasr Selim (Salim), Tombs of Qarat el-Subi, the Birds Necropolis at Qarat el-Faragi, and the ruins of the Roman temple dedicated to Herishef. The city also has a small museum with five of gilded Greco-Roman mummies preserved in glass cases together with other objects and artifacts found in the oasis. Remains of the Aqueduct (manafis) can still be noticed at the site. The town largely depended on this aqueduct in the supply of water in ancient times for cultivation of crops. Some archeologists believe this aqueduct date back to the Roman Era, while others maintain that it was established by kings of the Twenty-sixth Dynasty.