King Zoser Statue

The dawn of the Ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom is marked by the emergence of the Third Dynasty. There are two major features that most distinctly described the Old Kingdom:

(A) It was named "The Pyramid Age". This period denoted a span of time that started from the Pyramid of the Third Dynasty, followed by a group of pyramids in Giza, and to the later groups of pyramids built at the time of the Fifth and the Sixth Dynasties in Saqqara and Abusir. At this time, the Paraohs raised the idea of a centralized government.

B) The idea of kingship and the Divinity of the pharaoh that was central to Egyptian society and religion, started to emerge in the Old Kingdom. Not only was the king considered a divine figure, but also the god. This idea started from the time of Djoser. But the first two Dynasties' kings (except for Peribsen) were regarded as followers of Horus.