Mentuhotep II succeeded Inyotef III in about 2061 BC. When he came to the Theban throne under the name S'ankhibtawy, a name that means "He who Breathes Life into the Heart of the Two Lands", his domain stretched from the First Cataract to the tenth nome of Upper Egypt. In other words, it was still reduced to the North by the territory of the princes of Asyut. A hostile peace was maintained between the two kingdoms, but this was disrupted when the Thinite Nome, suffering from famine, revolts against the Hierakleopolitans. Mentuhotep captured Asyut and passed through the 15 nome without resistance – this was effectively the fall of the Hierakleopolitan Dynasty (in the Ninth year of his reign). Mentuhotep was proclaimed the king of Egypt with the new title of 'Nebhepetre, the son of Re'. He declared his southern origins by taking the Horus name Netjerihedjet that means "Divine is the White Crown".