El-Sheikh Zayed City is one of the new suburbs Of 6th October governorate that was established in 1995. It locates about 38 KM in the northwest of Cairo downtown and 15 KM from Lebanon Square, El-Mohandiseen District. It is divided into 20 districts with 4 neighborhoods in each district. Zayed City is distinguished by the very strategic location, bordered by Alexandria desert road on the north, 26th of July Corridor on the south and the city of 6th October City on the west.

Health, education, and entertainment services are widely provided for the inhabitants of El-Sheikh Zayed City who are members of the upper class in Egypt. There are numerous highly qualified medical institutes in the city such as Shiekh Zayed Specialized Hospital and Shiekh Zayed Central Hospital which are in the country. There are numerous arab students living in El Sheikh Zayed city for learining in its private universities such as El Sheikh Zayed university, Nile University and many other institutes. Additionally, there are numerous shopping centers in the city such as Hyper One Market and Park Avenue and others.