6th of October is a city that lies in Lower Egypt or the north part of the country westward the Nile Valley. It locates 38km away from Cairo. Till April 2008 6th of October was an extension of Giza Governorate and then it was declared a separate governorate after 25th Jan revolutions, then it was again anexed to Giza. The total size of the governorate reaches 4000 km inhabited by about 500 thousand person. The city has several teaching, public, and private hospitals as well as many smaller clinics, social public and private hospitals. On top of these hospitals come El Zohour Private Hospital, the Public Hopital of 6th of October and Dar El Fouad and others. 6th of October governorate is a prominent center of university education in Egypt that encloses a number of universities such as The 6th of October University which includes many specializations in addition to an educational hospital and the Branch of The Higher Technological Institute. Additionally, the Culture and Science City is one of the major places in 6th of October city and the reason for the increasing importance of the governorate.

 This is due to the numerous important institutes within it including: Al-Ahram Canadian University, Akhbar Al-Youm Academy, Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST), The Higher Institute for Architectural Engineering, Modern Science and Arts University (MSA).

The city is supplied with all the necessary health, education and entertainment services that attract most of the upper and middle class members for living there. There are numerous private, public and educational hospitals in the city such as Dar El Fouad hospital. El Hosary Islamic complex is one of the major places in the city that provide the inhabitants with the needed medical and educational needs. The city encloses a number of private universities and this attracts Arab students of various nationalities for living and learning there. On top of these universities are Misr University for Science and Technology and October 6 University. 6th of October city is surrounded by a number of minor cities such as Sheikh Zaued, Dream Land, the Smart Village, Utopia that are almost inhabited by members of the upper class members in Egypt.

The Egyptian Media Production City is regarded as the major information and media complex in the Middle East. The city covers about 35 million meter in 6th of October southwest Cairo. Of special interest in the MPC is the wide range of services and accommodations available that are presented mainly for attracting a large number of Egyptians and foreigners alike for visiting it. The MPC encloses 14 studios of state-of-art technology in addition to other open-air shooting areas with annexed utilities for visitors.

There is also the LAMS, an international Academy for Media Sciences that aims at graduating highly qualified people in the field of media and art production and raising the quality of media products. The most attractive part in the city is the Covered Theater Hall with its 2500 seat that is dedicated to serving the TV production and sometimes used as a center for conferences and festivals.

In addition to the Covered Theatre Hall, there are two open-air theaters the larger one accommodates about 1500 visitor while the smaller accommodates about 1000 child. The city encloses also a services complex where the necessary works for studios complex and outdoor shooting areas are produced. All these services in Egyptian Media Production City keep Egypt in a pioneering position among other countries.